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Japan Car Parking Fee

Apr 2015

Japan is a big island.
The land area is almost 50% less than Thailand.
(Thailand=513,114.6sqkm. / Japan:377,835sqkm – Thank you for an information from wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org)

So then, the land must be using as good as possible.
Our country the one who has home and car is “easy & nothing”, but in Japan is not ..

Days that we’re living at Tokyo, I saw not much cars and traffic while there are too many on our major cities.

Let see how the car parking cost be.

We walked out from the hotel, Tokyo zone.
Along the road I found several car parking services, this was the one of service fee.
– At Daytime 400JPY / Hour (100THB / 3USD)
– At Nighttime is a bit higher 600JPY / Hour (160THB / 4.9USD)

Not much car parking service in Bangkok, only I saw on You-wa-rat area.
I will get number for you later.

I do positive to control the car quantity policy.
Thailand should develop our mass public transportation being as good as we could, then the other problem would be minor.

Cars and a lot of traffic jam, our growing city structure as well as other problems will then gone away won’t be just like today.


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