Japan Accessibility Score Is Very High

Accessibility Is Freedom – Japan Accessibility Score Is High

5 Days living in Japan, I intended to live as the Japanese do, to lean
how life was really like there.
We didn’t prepare much of a travel plan,
only did a draft schedule and locations marked.

We were living there to just go and ‘get lost’ which we really enjoy
Mostly we used the buses and trains.

Japan is my first overseas trip, and I’ve only heard from friends and
the news saying that Japan is the best for accessibility.

Let see a real example:
This is an auto ticket machine.
As I remember while living there, I saw no auto ticket machines
installed as high as here in Bangkok.

This has nothing to do with changing the machine’s function itself.
Only designing and planning it properly while constructing the station with
accessibility in mind.

If you noticed that, the yellow blocks below my wheelchair.
If you don’t know yet, we called guiding and warning block.
To help the visibility people to be able to walk around by themselves.
And I saw it everywhere on public road.

Honestly I wonder who was in charge of this project upon its first implementation, um… do you think?

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