I’m going to the court for the judgement tomorrow


Time line:

13 September 2007:
The people with disability sued by using The Administrative Court to force BTS Sky Train prepared the basic of accessibility.

22 September 2009:
The people with disability lost the case
because on that time the accessibility Thai law have got any detail & description.

The Reason of the the lawsuit:
1. While constructing BTS Sky Train,
What is The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration have done for the disability person?
>>They said “None”

2. Since the first constructing BTS Sky Train did they have the elevator and any accessibility supported?
>>They said “Not from the beginning, but we do later on
by using the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the government budget.”

3. Please show the plans and schedule for elevators as well as any accessibility support.
>>They said “They’ve done survey where to setup the elevator, it was start doing TOR then, get the budget.”

21 October 2009:
The people with disability appealed to The Administrative Court
This is already passed over 6 years.

21 January 2015:
We went to the supreme court for the judgement & WE WON!!

18 May 2017:
We are now going to the civil court.


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