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Hello Milos, thx for your help!

I meet a friend of mine who, from Germany, comes to Thailand for travelling. I call him “Milos” in short as his full German name is incredibly too long lol.
Milos knew us since last year and had come into constant contact since then.

He also knew perfectly that our financial situation isn’t that good. So he offers us some good one. I only have to deny him because it’s already wonderful enough being just friends, and also his support is more valuable than money. But his wife insists that “It’s our good intention and we’re truly happy to meet you.” So what I only could do is to accept his generosity.

Again, my journey in this is not about pity or mercy, crying out loud asking for sympathy. Rather, I try to communicate a sense of strength that we are equal. Although our body is different, our beings as humanity is equal.

Thank you Milos and his wife. We will keep fighting forward for the better for everyone.


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