Have you ever realised that PWDs had long been fighting for equal rights and fairness ‘for everyone’ for more than a generation?!!

Both images took place in a different time scale of 30 years. It exemplifies the voices of brave PWDs (people with disabilities) who stand up to demand a basic human rights, stated by the constitutions.

Yet, from the past till present time, most PWDs remain unable to go out of home conveniently, to go to school and hospital, to work and make a living individually. This is a living, catastrophic summary of the basic human rights of PWDs in Thailand. What else could be worse?

On the other hand, an existing paralleled world, the common people enjoy barrier-free to get access anywhere and anytime. They can go walk on the street, ride a motorcycle, drive a car, take a bus and train, travel to school and hospital, and rush to work accessibly. They take it for granted as part of normal life.

The PWDs, however, need a home with adequate accessibility to live a life, and must carefully plan ahead when go outside because the outdoor environment is highly inaccessible. Thus, this is why they make a move. They just require extra facilities (not special treatment!) to facilitate themselves to live equally with everyone.

That’s it. That’s all. Humble, isn’t it?

Think about this, one day those strong one, would fade away in health. They might suffer physical loss, get pregnant, sit on wheelchair, and undergo illnesses. This kind of scenario is always happen.

Or simply, they might get old by age, unable to walk firmly and need extra assistance. They naturally transform to be a less-abled person. When you reach this point, it is not much different from being disabled. We all know that.

But these two groups of people have walked in a totally different, and extremely unequal, path. All mankind deserve good life as long as they could achieve. It’s mainly the government’s duty to make these things happen, to support and accommodate, to “enable the disabled.”

No one knows how long this fight would last. Yet, one ultimate thing I want you to remember is that this fight is never only for disabled people. It is, and has been, FOR EVERYONE! — please remember this.

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