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“FUCK skywalk builder!” (Warning: High rate post)

‘The whole world’ is developing equality seriously.
“Thailand” We have quite good, more than enough laws and regulations.

Every government highly support the ‘equality’ policy including the Pra-yut 1 government and the Pra-yut 2. ‘Do not leave anyone behind’ and clearly set the ’UD policy’

The relevant ‘minister’ was also acknowledged, tell us all the time.

‘People with disabilities networks’ has worked hard for many decades, using all methods, providing information and help them to get the work done, even using of legal measures …

‘Today’ We still see the construction at FUCK UP every day.
The skywalk has stairs, lag of elevator installed over on train stations. While also using dangerous substitution equipment installed.

Here is the one of “Sky Walk” near Sri-pa-tum University, Bang-bua Intersection(Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/5KQh2swt4iZireZZA).
This is just one of them that I have got from the networks.

Help me, ‘FUCK’ the builder.

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