Financial Summary of Accessibility Is Freedom: All the 4-years period (Update 20 Oct 2018)

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Firstly, I would like to state that before I committed dedicating to what I’m doing now, I sincerely asked myself “What do I really want?”.
I had a clear answer that “I want constructive changes to my beloved country.”
Yes, it sounds too broad and looks much bigger than what I can do alone, but that’s what I really want. Any movements and activities that you have seen, I’ve planned to work as independent as I can although I realise that this approach would face some hindrances, especially monetary issue, “No money, no jobs done.” 
Since the first day, I’ve carefully recorded all the details of inbound and outbound of money. It’s always publicly opened for transparency. I’ve always reminded every involved party that “I don’t want to have a bad record of cheating, being suspected on where the money go”. Integrity and honesty come first.

According to the graph, the inbound and outbound of money during the 4 years are as below:

  1. Income 330K THB
  2. Expenses 520K THB
  3. My advanced expenses 190K THB

We have sizeable members of respectable supporters who share the same vision. However, the expansive activities come with larger costs that I needed to contribute my own almost 200,000 Baht. During the 4 years, we’ve invested considerably in technical equipment for better effectiveness and professional in an area of media work where we see its potentials. Although we tried so hard to be economical, the media activity remains the most proportion of expense, roughly about 150,000 Baht/year. I keep saying to people I know that, “Only if we have more resources, our works would be much more efficient and that we could make a much greater contribution to our society.”

What I’ve been hoping for is the climbing social awareness on this essential issue. I wish more people would wake up and realise this concern and help to give their hands. It doesn’t matter how small they could help. In accumulation, we could make a great impact and positive change to our beloved society.

This is what we’ve done financially in 4 years. You can have a look at further information on this link >>>

I’ve always reminded everyone that this is not my only problem or a particular group of people, it’s everyone’s problem. Sooner or later it will definitely affect one of us in some ways: priority parking, accessibilities infrastructure, public mind awareness, and etc. This work is the preparation for our future generation and yes definitely everyone. Next post I’ll reveal so far what we have got in return from our efforts.

We cannot just do nothing. We must help whatever we can.

Thank you.

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