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Field Survey at Tesco Lotus Extra’s Priority Parking (with Live video)

According to our informed acknowledgment, Tesco Lotus is a place where the misuse of priority parking is found so prevalent. We thus made an effort to make a field survey to Tesco Lotus Express, Bang Na Branch. This time we’d like to do it differently, in a more relaxed and informal style.

These are what we could come up with:

  1. The quantity of the priority parking exceeds 1% of the total parking lots of about 6xx slots.
  2. The parking’s dimension, however, is not designed perfectly right, by law. (But the width is big enough for getting in/off)
  3. The landlord additionally allows a group of FAMILY to be eligible for parking which is beyond what’s stated by law. It seems the landlord wants to provide a better service for their customers. If this is the landlord’s intention, they should provide more quantity of priority parking.
  4. The misuse and cheating of priority parking was undoubtedly found prevalent during our observation. This is especially the case for a group of customer claiming as FAMILY. But they seemed obviously unnecessary to get this privilege. I then had informed them about this issue.
  5. No parking barrier, which was good for the eligible solo driver. However, the absence of the barrier allows the abuse occurred more easily.
  6. Only one security guard taking care the parking space.
  7. I informed the operational officers there that the landowner must make a better effort to more efficiently manage and control the priority parking usage for the sake of those in real needs.
  8. I handed my name card to the officer there and stated my wish to be contacted by the management for further cooperative solutions.

Let’s see what will be going to happen next!

[Field Live Survey (with Thai speaking)]

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