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Fashion Island shopping mall / The priority parking with a very good service

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A well-known and leading shopping mall in Ram-in-thra area. However, previously, this mall was just like any others that had poor design and accessibility on priority parking. They didn’t comply the regulations on how priority parking should be nicely provided. Service quality that needed improvement. It occurred just around this time a year ago. So we rushed to give them some pieces of advice and tried to engage in practical processes. Surprisingly, within a month, everything was wholly transformed to the better. The speed they changed was impressively fast.

Priority parking was fully refurbished, and it looked so nice. I confirmed it looked “really nice”. You should go to see, in addition, those supportive accessible facilities were improved and upgraded including wheelchair restroom, wayfinding system, and service quality from all levels of staff which now they prove to have a better understanding and know really well what they should do to serve needed customers. They rose the bar to the new standard. I was so delighted and thankful.

Nevertheless, along one year after refurbishment, they still have provided me constant feedbacks, updates, and cooperation to maintain their high services. Even yesterday, I had a talk with some of their management team regarding accessibility issue.

In an area of service business, everything is highly sensitive. Some PWDs (people with disabilities), just like me, do not really need a help from others unless you can’t make it by ourselves. We just need some adequately basic accessibilities to live our life. Anyway, there are tremendous PWDs out there who are waiting for help, big help, from the society. And that it is our responsibility, in a sense of regulation as well as humanity, to give them our hands as much as we could.

I would like to thank those executives as well as all levels of Fashion Island who kindly listen to feedback from a customer and quickly respond for the better. Importantly, you are still able to maintain such a high level of service so far. Well Done! If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Also, I would like to mention “SeazarSmile” who came across us and engaged in problem-solving. You helped everyone lots!

Lastly, I just want to announce that “Fashion Island Shopping Mall becomes one of the top ranks Best Accessibility in Thailand”.


Disabled Car Parking Fashion Island


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