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EmQuartier, the level 8 billion US Department store, but the priority parking is bad

EmQuartier has just opened.
Everyone, including the news, then I see no need to rush off to see a construction sight.
I believe that this mall is known as the world’s top level.

According to the data. Construction budget 8000 million.
I try to calculate the money Thailand is it 284,743,817,766.80.
Anklom that two hundred thousand nine billion
The budget of this size, the amount of construction. The numbers of this size.
Sir, I have never known.

But why do the handicapped parking spaces are not valid.
The Ministry also has already clearly defined.

I really want to know?
E shift just made parking for persons with disabilities to meet the Ministry here.
The problem it is?

The same day that I go to. Bangkok Deputy Governor there, would you?
Must visit the park there. The building, and then jump to another page/side.
I will try to justify the parking spaces episode.
Every time I was fascinated by telling security guards that “come back now, I would not take the Park.”
Security guards told me that “never mind, I see brother ..” I was in a hurry to go dormant.
In spite of knowing that “now was again crowded as ever”.

Back to image as seen by the guys.
I open the door of the car and then shot it bumped cars beside. Khun together?
Oh there is a car park opposite the Supercar.
El then why is it wider parking spaces for persons with disabilities voluntarily?

Aka The handicapped parking area and do the elderly mixed.
I saw elderly people that have strong, please stop already. Security guards?

EmQuartier department store Executive, deposit all editing spaces and services.
Now I will have to ask towards the Government in the area. That care and schooling with permits.
If you want me to help send messages arrive.

Best regards

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EmQuartier Disabled Parking Spots 3
EmQuartier Disabled Parking Spots 1
EmQuartier Disabled Parking Spots 2
EmQuartier Disabled Parking Spots 4
EmQuartier Disabled Parking Spots 5

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