Court Hearing at Civil Court, Ratchada. A long journey of Accessibility and Justice. Will you go with us?

The case could be dated back to 2007 when a group of PWDs sued BTS for their lack of accessibility, by law. Until now that the Supreme Court delivered decision that BTS must successfully and completely provide elevators, and other necessary accessibilities, at its 23 stations within 1 year (due 20 January 2016.)

But, BTS failed to make it completely during the timeframe leading to prosecution of the group of PWDs for the damages and the loss of opportunity cost on 20 January 2017. Then, BTS has fought against by opposing 2 main issues:

  1. The case is not in the power of the Civil Court
  2. The case cannot be prosecuted by a group of people

It just clearly demonstrated that BTS didn’t want to take any responsibility and seek for possible gaps in the law to escape the offspring and free beyond their promised words of gentlemen. They leaved their people suffering the very poor public accessibility without, at least, trying to provide positive solutions for facing problems. They seemed to technically find a gap in the law to delay it instead of accepting what they failed to do, compensate those affected people, and go for negotiation and compromise with the group of PWDs.

Here on 7 August 2017, it’s the Father of Thai Laws’s Commemoration Day, We, as T4A, have a faith that justice and fairness shall come to reality. However, no matters what consequences happen, we would like to call those others who were taken advantages of your right to have good accessibility to gathering altogether to continue prosecuting and fight for our right to have a good quality of life until everything is done correctly.

Program timetable:
07:30 – Gathering at in front of Civil Court, at Rat-cha-da.
08:00 – In remembrance of the Father of Thai Law
08:30 – Court hearing. Then give feedbacks to the medias.

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