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Problem solving in a ‘new normal’ way, our real ability!

Problem solving in a new normal way, our real ability! Today I’d like to share with you some of our main progresses during the last month that we’ve collaborated and supported the wide range of our networks. Things are quite impressive actually. As long as I can remember they are: 1. The accessible parking design at Sa-mi-ti-vej Sri-na-ka-rin Hospital / work done in 1 week. 2. The physical barrier around the subway entrance at MRT Bang Pho station / issue reported, and acknowledged, to the top management within 10 minutes.

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From encouraging to sharing!

“I encourage you!” We often say this when we want to cheer up someone. “I encourage you!” I always heard this word since the day I jumped into this social contribution activity. “I encourage you!” It used to lift me up anytime I receive this word. I continued to receive countless encouragement like this. It came nicely, and it’s gone. At the end, nothing has changed, sadly. Now it’s my turn to encourage you to NOT encouraging anyone anymore. But instead you turn it into helping, sharing, or doing, whatever. I know encouragement is great. It starts with the inner. …

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“Society changes when you dare to step forward.”

Days ago I posted on Facebook to ask for a volunteer for field work. This young man, very soon after, sent a message to do the job. He’s a pioneer follower and has been following since that #PriorityParking video about 5 years ago. He read my recent post and wasted no time to made a contact to me. “Reeve” used to have a serious accident affecting almost the whole of his body from the top to the bottom. If you take a notice you would realise that his movement isn’t normal, and his arm isn’t quite healthy. But if you …

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Makro join #THEONE team and upgrading its accessible facilities for more inclusive, safety, and cleanliness.

25th of June, I went to participate in a meeting with the management team of Makro (Siam Makro). My role in this context acted like an advisor building understanding, providing information, and suggesting related issues as a whole.   My guideline was to widen the perspective to include all groups of people, not just for PWDs, to provide equality and to all so that everyone is happy.   We wish that they will set a new standard for construction and make proper service management after work. We’re pleased to be part of the team and willing to give more of …

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ThaiPBS be the one, be the power of change!

Yesterday, went out with ThaiPBS team for the social society and accessible facilities update how good for the current government have been done. I would like to thank Preen, those fellow correspondents, photographers, and the news team for having me and for giving the opportunity to share our voice. Things would be better and problems would be solved when we are the one driving Thailand to be changed. BE THE ONE, BE THE POWER OF CHANGED! THANKS.

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We are the ONE to transform the society “Ben, Cordial, and our new Aussie friend, Mal”

We’ve done an epic Facebook LIVE at Asoke intersection, a heart of Bangkok considered as a gateway to Thailand. Our special guests, Ben and Cordia, were experts in this field. Both are giving lecture at Thammasat University where Ben is an architect while Cordia is specializing in Service Design. During the end of the LIVE, an unexpected show-up of Mr. Mal, an Aussie gentleman, had provided a more candid feedback toward the topic.

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Welcome back home Boat!, a radiant Language Translation Team

The image had been taken during the beginning of October. Last year, Boat continued his degree in the UK for one year and now he’s recently graduated and headed back to Thailand. Some of you might already recognise our group of #TranslationForChange Teams. And Boat is one of them who has been active for almost two years, mainly translating from Thai to English. While he was in the UK, he remained so active in helping this. It’s another example that our world today is absolutely boundless, we can work from almost anywhere.

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A power to transform Thailand – Benjaphon Khidhathong

Last year teacher Ben sent me a message describing self-introduction. He is a special lecturer in Inclusive Design Innovation, in Design Business Technology Management (DBTM) course, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University. He invited me to give a special lecture to his students as a guest speaker which I was fabulously happy to do so, yes this is a sustainable way to solve many kinds of social problem is to create a new generation, transforming them to be a problem solver.

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