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“This is fucking stupid.” Do you hurt? (SABA LIVE at Sukhumvit 101)

Heard clearly and loudly during #SabaLive on the footpath at Sukhumvit 101. During the live at 12:00 minutes, there was a foreigner jumping to tell the cold truth about the footpath (Link: https://www.facebook.com/AccessibilityIsFreedom/videos/431291530987334/?t=690)) “This is fucking stupid!!” As a host, I totally felt embarrassed. Disappeared when construction is misbehaved. The existing one is also far from good standard. The work process of the civil servants is extremely slow. Poor coordination among the related departments. What do these indicators tell us? Do you feel embarrassed? Do you hurt? Do you feel you can’t breathe properly? Please remind yourself to keep an …

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