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The Next Move : PWDs networks join forces, going to sue against Bangkok City Hall again for failed to satisfy an Administrative Court ordered failed elevators and accessible facilities installation.

PWDs Sue Against City Hall Transportation For All (T4A), Disabilities Thailand, and Person with disabilities (PWDs) networks will, once again, make a gathering marching to sue against the Bangkok City Hall  and demand for reasonable compensations from their failure to meet the Administrative Court’s order to install newly elevators and accessible facilities at all the original 23 BTS stations, giving it one year implementation and it is now three years passed. At Administrative Court, Chang-Wat-ta-na road.

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Our 2nd Time at the Grand Opening of Microsoft YouthSpark Project, Thank You Everyone from All Parties.

Microsoft YouthSparkis a community project from Microsoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and its partners that has been running for 5 years. Recently, we had a wonderful opportunity for the 2nd time to engage its grand opening day. As a senior, if you like, I couldn’t miss this chance to visit and have a cheer talks at firsthand with this great young generation. It was also my pleasure to have a conversation for the 1st time with Mr.Dha-na-wat Su-thum-pun, Managing Director at Microsoft (Thailand).

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