Rail System

Hello Hua Lamphong Train Station

When I was in grade 8. It was my first time taking a train from a rural area into the city. I have ride on this train time to times and sometimes I came to this place, Hua lamphong Train station. It was quite mesmerizing to remember in the past compared to the situation of what it is today. Regardless, of the train itself or the station, it never changes. Thank you to the railway staff who came down and taking a photo with us.

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Khu Khot BTS Station Survey – Thailand Tomorrow the series)

ภาพ พี่ซาบะกำลังเข็นรถลงทางลาด ไอซ์กำลังถ่ายคลิ๊ป

Because we want our city to change. In order to do so, we must identify the problem first. [Saba] led [Ice+Book+Rew] to explore the new train station to let them see by their own eyes. The new generation will take care of our society in the future. Let’s listen to them. SabaLive / Thailand Tomorrow – the series

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SRT’s double track rail, the station platform wasn’t made at the same level. What will affect the passengers?

We heard the news that the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) was building station platforms which were lower than most of new stations and a public transportation system where everyone has equal access is one of our topics that has been followed closely. “If we can transport, we can develop our lives” is the sentence that I always use. I don’t care if it’s high or low, all I want is that everyone can use it conveniently and safely without extra equipment. Reducing the complexity and difficulty during the use are enough.

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[Safety] Comparing the Gold, Red and Green Lines

Platform edge doors prevent passengers from falling off the platform edge onto the tracks. In my opinion, it should form a basic feature of all stations. However, while stations on the Gold and Green Lines have this safety component in place, those on the Red Line do not. While this may be due to a different service builder for each of the three lines, it raises the question whether they should all be required to comply with the same standards of the Ministry of Transport, which they are all operating under.

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[Survey] Elevator between MRT Samyan and Samyan Mitrtown

On the survey undertaken on 27 November I found that the elevator between the MRT Samyan ticket office floor and the underpass leading to Samyan Mitrtown Mall is exceptionally small. I’m in my 60cm-wide wheelchair and when in the elevator there was hardly any room left. I doubt that an elevator of this size could possibly serve passengers in electric wheelchairs or with double strollers.

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