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An only 9 Baht, you could help saving a little bird life

***The Donation Closed*** I found this a little bird fall? on the ground while I was working out in the morning. I decided to bring him back to my room to check up what was wrong with him, and surprisingly I’ve found that he is in a serious condition. So, I brought him to hospital immediately, the Premier Pet Hospital close to my place. Doctor said that he is in a chronic condition but Doctor will help her as best as they can. And I’ve told that the hospital itself has a service program for stray animal.

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The real hero that alive and we all shall not forget “Chris Ben-ja-koon”

A young movie star who became disabled by sacrificing himself to help a victim out of an accident many years ago. For me, Chris is a superhero in real life. We can see him, meet him in person, touch him, and talk to him over a cup of coffee. I usually have a meeting around that place and often visit his café. Normally he was busy at work but not today, so we had some talk over a brilliant cup of coffee.

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Donation of 25 wheelchairs for the one who need.

In accordance with the collaborations from Lion Club of Bangkok Bualuang, JS100 Radio, and Accessibility Is Freedom, we announce the provision of 25 wheelchairs. For the one who need it, please go and complete the information at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeFszrB0JTbwI76bFgrtiHTS99B0tomyf6_IgPDaMLCU1dLrA/viewform Only complete information will be considered by the committees. The wheelchairs will be delivered by hand at Suan Mokkh (Mokkh Park), Bangkok on the 5th June 2019. Stay tuned for the agenda. Thanks to Khun Suphat, Lion Club of Bangkok Bualuang and JS100 Radio for your kindness.

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Annoucement: A Donation of Active Wheelchair (1 Unit)

I got a contact from Suphat and Lions Club of Bangkok Bualuang in regard of a donation of an unused wheelchair from a member of the Lomberg family. The former owner is Mike (Mr. Mike Lomberg). In short, Mike used to be a test pilot who later underwent a motor vehicle accident, causing him some disabilities that he’s no longer able to pursue as a pilot. Nevertheless, after the incident, he still managed to acquire a civilian flying license, with the support of installed hand controls.

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Aum-Boon’s news update / we leave no man behide

Family quality, live being, economic and society. Environment that surround can effect directly to all human development. The development of PWD are a lot more tough than other people. But the problem can be less if people in society really can truly see the value and important of one live. And willing to give equality chance as much as possible. Long for last time that I contacted “Aum-Boon”, since both of us quite busy. Today, I just talk to his mother, this is the update.

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Giving Opportunity means Sustainability

During the past weekend, we went to “Discovery Thailand” event for two days. On the 1st day, I met a mother with her lovely daughter. I was going to have a conservation with them, but recognized that they were very busy on selling their stuff, and there was so crowed of people so I didn’t get in to interrupt. Finally on the 2nd day, we met them again and my girlfriend wanted to support them, so she purchased a nice bag.

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