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STRONGER people, better society

If you have been following my work and direction you’d realise I often said “BE STRONG”, I do mean both physically and mentally! Problems are everywhere in any society and in all our walks of life, aren’t there? Yet, if we’re perfectly healthy, no matter how hard the problem we could have an ability and mentality to see, to think, to analyze what’s right and what’s not right. We could bring ourselves to face and solve the problems effectively.

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RACE NOTE: My First Marathon ‘Bangsaen Marathon 2019’

Flashback to the very first day I committed to do a workout by running, it came to me as a mere non-sense thought. Joining the race? No way! It first appeared to me as a regular exercise for health purpose. As a goal -setter in nature, however, I began seriously setting a goal for each drill and gradually raised the bar to the next level, each with a more challenging distance and time. I mostly trained at park and watched up all the records. One year passed. Two years, three, and more. Until I underwent a negative growth, and boring …

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Happy new year, keep on doing the exercise and BE STRONG

I’m now having fun at my home country, 8hrs driving up on northeast of Thailand. I’m so happy that I could get back the old memory and be surrounded by the nature. The weather is good, in the morning we could get around 18c, here are all pictures during my running. To be a strong person you have to keep yourself continuously doing the exercise and also be a strong minded person. Then problems will be nothing. KEEP ON DOING THE EXERCISE!! #BESTRONG

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BESTRONG, I’ve reached the Marathon range!!

It has been almost two years since I started running for exercise. I was slowly but consistently climbing up the distance from just a few hundred meters, to 21 kilometers for 17 consecutive sets. I’ve realised quite for a while that I could still keep going on. I balanced everything; food, sleep, and available time. I decided to go to King Rama9 Park due to its longer running track and a bit late closing time. To go to Marathon, it requires both of your physical and mental ability. You have to know and accept your limits. You need to practice …

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Supporting the “Rexona Move Is More” campaign for Kao for Siriraj Hospital

I’m now running(it is wheeling actually) for the project of Rexona “Move Is More”, 1M Kilometers: 1M Baht. It’s my dedication for Kao for Siriraj Hospital. So far, the accumulated distance is 112.6 Kilometers and also my personal goal is to reach to 1,000 Kilometers. Today I did quite a good preparation; sleep and food, grabbed a piece of banana 20 minutes before the start. I took off at 3 pm. The weather was quite nice, 26 c, warm sunlight. The greenery of trees in the park helped a lot in protecting me from the sun. There was no crowd …

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Saba Return: A comeback to a healthy life #BESTRONG

I haven’t come here for two months. Today I decided to make a comeback to have some exercise. Before that, I did some preparation: have a food and sleep. This time, I changed to Lumpini Park, a wonderful park in the heart of central Bangkok, and achieved two rounds in total: 10.12km + 5.49km. Since it had been a bit long living on a busy life with no exercise, I could feel a bit hurtful and not as enduring as before. Anyway, a bit of water and energy drink could lift up my energy to accomplish my speed wheel. And …

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