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An only 9 Baht, you could help saving a little bird life

***The Donation Closed*** I found this a little bird fall? on the ground while I was working out in the morning. I decided to bring him back to my room to check up what was wrong with him, and surprisingly I’ve found that he is in a serious condition. So, I brought him to hospital immediately, the Premier Pet Hospital close to my place. Doctor said that he is in a chronic condition but Doctor will help her as best as they can. And I’ve told that the hospital itself has a service program for stray animal.

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I want you to hear

Since the very beginning that I’ve created this media to encourage Thai society under #SabaLive, there is one thing I still cannot make it, helping the hearing impairment people to reach our work. This problem has been in my mind for a long time. Tomorrow night there will be quite a special SabaLive as it will be the first test for my newest project #LiveAutoCaption (real-time subtitle) and I’d like to invite all of you joining the test and having fun with us! Because Accessibility Is Freedom, and I want you to hear!

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RACE NOTE: My First Marathon ‘Bangsaen Marathon 2019’

Flashback to the very first day I committed to do a workout by running, it came to me as a mere non-sense thought. Joining the race? No way! It first appeared to me as a regular exercise for health purpose. As a goal -setter in nature, however, I began seriously setting a goal for each drill and gradually raised the bar to the next level, each with a more challenging distance and time. I mostly trained at park and watched up all the records. One year passed. Two years, three, and more. Until I underwent a negative growth, and boring …

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The real hero that alive and we all shall not forget “Chris Ben-ja-koon”

A young movie star who became disabled by sacrificing himself to help a victim out of an accident many years ago. For me, Chris is a superhero in real life. We can see him, meet him in person, touch him, and talk to him over a cup of coffee. I usually have a meeting around that place and often visit his café. Normally he was busy at work but not today, so we had some talk over a brilliant cup of coffee.

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