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Priority Car Parking : Accessibility Is Freedom and Bright TV Meet The CPN Management

Accessibility Is Freedom And Bright TV Meet Central (CPN) Management A very good story to this morning, thank to Khun Ann/Bright TV and her crew. More detail please wait for the evening news 6pm Bright TV. A very good story indeed.   The original link : AccessibilityIsFreedom พบผู้บริหาร Central Credit : Khun Ann and her Bright TV’s crew

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If we do not make towns accessible, we are being uncivilized (Michael Yon)

Michael Yon is the one who jumped and help us since a few days of my project started. And he always alert, post the issues when he found in-accessible place. Michael Yon is the excellent war journalist and writer. To me he is our very active supporter and good farang who loves Thailand. Check out his work over on his Facebook page MichaelYonFanPage and   Reference:

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