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Accessibility Is Freedom Fundraising

Accessibility Is Freedom Fundraising 2018

The “Accessibility Is Freedom Fundraising” project by Khun Awn who initiated this idea on year 2017 and 2018 was the 2nd anniversary. It’s such a thoughtful and lovely day where the gathering of supporters cherishes. The voluntary contribution of money so far accounts for 54,270 THB, plus 50 AUD. A groups of supporters consist of “Thais in Perth“, “Pa-ya-krut (Garuda) and their friends“, and many more who wish to stay anonymous. The image below from Khun Awn includes:

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Accessibility Is Freedom Fundraising 2017

Because of truly hard working and everybody’s valuable contribution, it leaded me to get to an involvement of wide range of connection from all around the world. It was deeply my pleasure to get to know every one of you. Fantastic! Among those amazing people, there was one strong woman named Teacher’ Awn. I initially got to know her from an announcement for volunteering in translation work.

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