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Priority Parking: it’s time to go abroad

I got this image from my young colleagues who was studying in the UK. It’s a priority park in Bicester Village, a large outlet in Oxford. At first sight, you must recognise immediately that it’s located in a developed country. Deep down you could see that: 1. It’s mostly unoccupied 2. No barrier on each lot 3. No staff authority or security officer Let’s do an anatomy, why this scene can happen: 1. Strict regulations and penalty 2. Justice law enforcement by authority 3. Respected by people In fact an violation and misuse of priority parking by selfish people happens …

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“Sakura” the beautiful princess…

It would be so weird traveling to a beautiful country of Japan, especially in spring season, but had no any nice pictures to share with all of you and here you go… (took so much time as all were incredibly mesmerizing.) It was during the beginning of spring. After I’d landed in Osaka, I deposited my stuffs and excitedly went to explore the city. I took a lot of trains, transferring countless stations to my very destination, a strawberry farm. For these 3 pictures, they were captured at Kishi Station. From my very perspective, I perceived the Sakura as a …

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PWDs dual class action suits filed, challenging the New York City subway system’s Illegal discrimination against wheelchair users and others

New York City subway there’re still 350 stations in-accessible left totally 80% stations are unusable by people who can’t traverse stairs. And 25 stations got the elevators but recently remain as ‘out of service’

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The best basic accessibility and service, Japan metro train.

[Japan metro train test] Japan Metro Train Survey Since last year, on our private trip purposely to test all accessibility including services. What I have learned, the Japan transportation system designed based on the capacity of people in the small city. If you go there within a peak time, you will never be believed how many people are traveling.

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PWD with air traveling problem: flying back from Singapore by Air Asia, I was charged almost 500 Baht for wheelchair services.

05 April 2016 Pictures from my last trip to Singapore, earlier this year! I just found it, let me post it just in case might I lose it again. While was leaving from Changi Airport, Singapore back to Bangkok. At the check in point, the staff told me very clearly that I had to pay for 20 SGD for the wheelchair service. (Singaporean Dollars, approximately 500 Baht) Since I was traveling abroad after asking again to confirmed, so then I also asked for an invoice.

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