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“This is fucking stupid.” Do you hurt? (SABA LIVE at Sukhumvit 101)

Heard clearly and loudly during #SabaLive on the footpath at Sukhumvit 101. During the live at 12:00 minutes, there was a foreigner jumping to tell the cold truth about the footpath (Link: https://www.facebook.com/AccessibilityIsFreedom/videos/431291530987334/?t=690)) “This is fucking stupid!!” As a host, I totally felt embarrassed. Disappeared when construction is misbehaved. The existing one is also far from good standard. The work process of the civil servants is extremely slow. Poor coordination among the related departments. What do these indicators tell us? Do you feel embarrassed? Do you hurt? Do you feel you can’t breathe properly? Please remind yourself to keep an …

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The prosecution of Imperial World Sam-rong

The Imperial World Sam-rong shopping mall is adjacent to Sam-rong station, BTS Green Line, having a skywalk connected to the building. Though, connection point is inaccessible due to 3 stair steps. Last year before the rail opening, we already made a field survey and reported some accessibility problems to governmental agency and all related parties. (Link: https://www.accessibilityisfreedom.org/en/meeting-with-dep-of-pwds-regarding-accessible-facilities-on-bts-green-line/) On the meeting day, the mall’s representative appeared to the event, acknowledging and promising to address the problem promptly. One year later, we recently made a field survey again and miserably found that the problem still existed like before. What this mall will be …

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How can you get through it? Ask yourself

We made a field survey on this site six months ago. We’ve gathered useful information, all possibly available, regarding the Bangkok BTS Green Line South Extension and provided with critical recommendations to the government sectors and civil servants. Despite our huge efforts for the better, today it seems that things get worse, truly worse! AS YOU CAN SEE!, this is a thing you won’t see from the wise man. The Prime Minister once has stated precisely that “We won’t leave a man behind”. The Minister of Transport was also quickly responsive to his policy. But the reality doesn’t reflect what …

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We have a talk with a MBK’s management for the priority parking and accessible facilities solutions

11 Aug 2017 MBKHave a good chance to visit here at MBK shopping mall for dealing with its priority parking. According to the topic, I met with a MBK’s Security Division Manager to highlight the issues in order to make it right as fast as possible. Since MBK is one of the most well-known shopping malls in very city center, I think it is necessary for them to correct these important works as soon and proper as possible. They could be a good role model and gain real positive image. Due to the information on hand, MBK got all the …

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What are we lacking for?

Thailandis a member of The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, or CRPD. All members need to continuously update and report their progresses regarding the subject. I got an opportunity to involve with the meeting and, surprisingly, acknowledged tremendous efforts of many members to improve PWDs’ standard of living in their countries.

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