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Andrew Biggs meets a wheelchair warrior who is relentless in his crusade to get justice for disabled people (Brunch Magazine, BangkokPost)

Got and opportunity to talk about the active projects that we’re currently working on. The magazine was published since 10 Sep 2017. Thanks to Andrew Biggs and BangkokPost for having us a change to speak and support us as always.

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We’re not doing for only PWDs but for everyone…(PostToday)

I said on the PostToday interviewed: “Our law has clear defined, people are all equal, we are all the same, we are human. You will definitely be the people with disabilities in the future.” Thanks to PostToday Ref  to this link: http://www.posttoday.com/social/general/485876 (In Thai)    

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Special report : “Stop stealing priority parking spaces!” (One News / OneHD)

Reference : http://www.onehd.net/ HOT : Social shares still keeps growing, the 2 minute clip “I don’t need help, just do not take away my space…” Yesterday OneHD tv channel released the special report. Saba: “If you would like to park no problem, let do swap with me, welcome anyone to come to be a man on wheelchair like me. then you will understand what I’m talking about..” Thank you to Khun Mod and OneHD team. https://www.facebook.com/AccessibilityIsFreedom Post Log: – @Michael Yon : https://www.facebook.com/MichaelYonFanPage/posts/10153308176285665

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Saba is calling onto people for having the better responsibility

06/03/2014 Saba is calling on people for having the better responsibility. After shows on the TNN2 True Channel. This time, again on NBT Channel#11 since before noon. Problems will be solved, if Thais have the better responsibility Helping hands to each other, not for anyone, but our children and our-self. Thank you to Suporntum and a little Bowy Khun Nok Khun Oui and his KBLK team. Note: If have revised doing the new way for captions. Do not put in our video – let’s see if you like it. And I’ve the new translation dream teams helping me. Reduce time, …

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I’m going to the court for the judgement tomorrow

  Time line: 13 September 2007: The people with disability sued by using The Administrative Court to force BTS Sky Train prepared the basic of accessibility. 22 September 2009: The people with disability lost the case because on that time the accessibility Thai law have got any detail & description. The Reason of the the lawsuit: 1. While constructing BTS Sky Train, What is The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration have done for the disability person? >>They said “None” 2. Since the first constructing BTS Sky Train did they have the elevator and any accessibility supported? >>They said “Not from the beginning, …

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Priority Car Parking : Accessibility Is Freedom and Bright TV Meet The CPN Management

Accessibility Is Freedom And Bright TV Meet Central (CPN) Management A very good story to this morning, thank to Khun Ann/Bright TV and her crew. More detail please wait for the evening news 6pm Bright TV. A very good story indeed.   The original link : AccessibilityIsFreedom พบผู้บริหาร Central Credit : Khun Ann and her Bright TV’s crew

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