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Safety Standard

Poor control of footpath work. Bad for pedestrians, worse for the disabled.

Our group of activists passed by Asoke area during the beginning of April 2019. We found that there was, at full scale, an ongoing footpath work alongside the main road. Yet there was no other way for pedestrians to walk safely and comfortably. Ordinary people might still survive this scenario but the same is not true for the disabled, and far worse for wheelchair user that has to step down on the busy street to get through. A real life-threatening moment.

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A Tragic Lesson: Taiwan high-speed train derailed. Driver confessed shutting down automatic train protection system.

I got tragic news of Taiwan high-speed train derailed. The news read that the driver admitted he shut down automatic train protection system in an attempt to compensate for the previous delay. The accident costed 18 lives of passengers, many injured. Accordingly, today I would like to stress a concern on human error. Taking about humans, we are undoubtedly the topmost of all the food chain, the most intelligent creature this planet has ever seen. Yet mankind is still under some, if not many, limitations. For instance, if we were asked on the afternoon that what we had for breakfast, …

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Better Design Better Living : A Wheelchair and Stroller Restraint on Public Bus

Accessible & SafetyWe got a good news from Singapore is testing the stroller restraint on public bus (Link ref : https://goo.gl/35kdPL). I, as a wheelchair user was extremely affected by an impractical layout design on public bus, which had mostly lower safety standard. And thought that this issue should be brought to the front line as one of priority concerns. After my trial abroad on public transportation in countries, I would like to share my opinions:

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Starbucks Thailand, Central Rama 9 Ground Floor IS NOT wheelchair friendly

I’ve known Alex since I was doing a big bang on the accessibility issues. We were been keep touching each other since then… Alex had an accident and got spinal cord injured at the higher level than me. His arms are not strong as I am but he still races his wheelchair faster than me. He lives in Koa Samui and has just married with lovey Thai girl and they come to Bangkok for visa. This round we can finally have a good time to meet. I picked up the department store that I hope the accessibilities will be alright …

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