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Road Safety

“Road in Thailand is very safe…”

You might feel funny when you read the caption. I’m definitely not making jokes, for real ‘HOW COULD WE MAKE THE ROAD BE SAFE FOR EVERYONE?’ We’d like to hear your voices, problems and how to get it done. We’re working with the road safety networks and I will bring your voice up on to the meeting. To make the road be safe for everyone. SHOUT OUT LOUD!!  

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A mission in searching for a S-Guard barricade in Japan!!

A barrier preventing motorcycle is also known as S-Guard barricade. It is a novel innovation brought to you by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) in an attempt to prevent motorists driving on the sidewalk. This weird thing is increasingly enlarging in scale throughout the city of Bangkok, especially at the major intersections. The point is that I have a strong belief that those authorities, who have the power to initiate this execution, might perhaps derive this idea from Japan where the innovation already existed. It might appear interesting in their eyes. However, it’s just a superficial inspiration and lacks scrutiny on …

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