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Elevator Problem

SabaLive BTS Asoke charged for crossing the station & using the elevator (Is it true?)

Saba Alex Liew Our long time no see dinner. Before living back home, Alex told me that were being charged for crossing over the station and using the elevator on BTS Asoke. How could it be this mess ? I’ve never charged any before. Let’s check this out .. . (Multilingual speaking)

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Face on, the secret walk way…

The secret walk wayFrom the bad news, inspired me to do this video. Everyone got choices on their own wished, but not for PWDs. We got no right to get access to the basic facilities easily, and we have no even right to be ..fear ..of anything. Check out the ‘Face on, the secret walk way… (Video with English closed caption)’

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A lack of adequate elevators at MRT Blue Line. PWDs must take a long darkish detour.

MRT Phet-cha-bu-ri Station, besides the insufficiency of elevators from the ground floor, the ticketing floor and the platform floor are also found nowhere for its existence. Normal-condition people are criticizing that using escalator make them a bit detour and that they’re unwillingly and unlikely to use it. Now let’s take a perspective from PWDs when we have to just get on the train. I, on my wheelchair, have to go to another side of the road and, unwanted, require asking a staff for accompanying. The staff will then walk me go through a special area, It’s kind of a room …

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“Two out of five” for Bangkok metro train Martin said…

While we were having an interview. Martin asked me for help how could he goes up to A-soke BTS station. ‘A lot problem…’, he was telling us. Well yes, just like what we’re talking for long. I asked Martin, ‘out of five’ / how happy he is for using the Bangkok metro train system.

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“BTS Elevator”, a big designing mistake for passengers in need?

BTSSince its operation, wheelchair elevators have been installed only in a few stations. There are much more left to complete. Anyway, this is not the main topic today because I’m highlighting on its design layout which appears to be go-through functionality. Passenger from the basement can get into it and go directly through the platform floor without having to buy a train ticket.

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