Economy and society

Japan Car Parking Fee

Apr 2015 Japan is a big island. The land area is almost 50% less than Thailand. (Thailand=513,114.6sqkm. / Japan:377,835sqkm – Thank you for an information from wikipedia ( So then, the land must be using as good as possible. Our country the one who has home and car is “easy & nothing”, but in Japan is not .. Days that we’re living at Tokyo, I saw not much cars and traffic while there are too many on our major cities.

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Japan Banana story

Hello Accessibility Is Freedom Live In Japan / The Untold Story still have a lot of things to talking to. Whenever I got something I will post one by one. Someone might think that I always talking to a good side what about the bad one? Well, I went there to learn and feel their culture, things around. Must say there will be always good and bad things right?. Depend which side you would like to talking to. All my writing about Japan is my first pressure and I’d like you to where the AccessibilityIsFreedom have learn. Alright, we have …

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