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BTS Problems

Join us for the final judgement day in regard to the group of people with disabilities prosecuting, requesting 1,400 million Bath compensation in return to BMA (Bangkok Metropolitan Administration) on its failure to provide elevators and accessible facilities at BTS 23 stations.

According to the incapability of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), the current owner of the entire BTS, that failed to provide adequate elevators and other accessibility facilities on its BTS 23 stations, a group of people with disabilities, for this reason, had prosecuted the BMA and finally won a lawsuit on November 24, 2014. The court thus issued an order to BMA for them to complete, constructed by law, all the remaining elevators and other supportive accessibility facilities within one-year time. As such, the completion should be fulfilled by the beginning of 2016. Nevertheless, the construction remains unfinished to this day, …

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How can you get through it? Ask yourself

We made a field survey on this site six months ago. We’ve gathered useful information, all possibly available, regarding the Bangkok BTS Green Line South Extension and provided with critical recommendations to the government sectors and civil servants. Despite our huge efforts for the better, today it seems that things get worse, truly worse! AS YOU CAN SEE!, this is a thing you won’t see from the wise man. The Prime Minister once has stated precisely that “We won’t leave a man behind”. The Minister of Transport was also quickly responsive to his policy. But the reality doesn’t reflect what …

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T4A in co-operation with the PWDs associations is suing the Bangkok City Hall for 1,436 ML THB for failed to complete the installation of elevators and accessible facilities at the BTS.

9 May 2018 A group of PWDs activist, Transportation For All (T4A), is gathering with other groups of PWDs networks to proceed prosecuting Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) for failure to completely install all BTS elevators and infrastructure. This inability to comply is against the order from the Supreme Court which had issued the mandate previously. The group also claimed that the incidence has terribly costed the estimated damage of 1,436 million Baht.

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“Two out of five” for Bangkok metro train Martin said…

While we were having an interview. Martin asked me for help how could he goes up to A-soke BTS station. ‘A lot problem…’, he was telling us. Well yes, just like what we’re talking for long. I asked Martin, ‘out of five’ / how happy he is for using the Bangkok metro train system.

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“BTS Elevator”, a big designing mistake for passengers in need?

BTSSince its operation, wheelchair elevators have been installed only in a few stations. There are much more left to complete. Anyway, this is not the main topic today because I’m highlighting on its design layout which appears to be go-through functionality. Passenger from the basement can get into it and go directly through the platform floor without having to buy a train ticket.

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