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Service Quality

We have a talk with a MBK’s management for the priority parking and accessible facilities solutions

11 Aug 2017 MBKHave a good chance to visit here at MBK shopping mall for dealing with its priority parking. According to the topic, I met with a MBK’s Security Division Manager to highlight the issues in order to make it right as fast as possible. Since MBK is one of the most well-known shopping malls in very city center, I think it is necessary for them to correct these important works as soon and proper as possible. They could be a good role model and gain real positive image. Due to the information on hand, MBK got all the …

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SabaLive BTS Asoke charged for crossing the station & using the elevator (Is it true?)

Saba Alex Liew Our long time no see dinner. Before living back home, Alex told me that were being charged for crossing over the station and using the elevator on BTS Asoke. How could it be this mess ? I’ve never charged any before. Let’s check this out .. . (Multilingual speaking)

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Fashion Island shopping mall / The priority parking with a very good service

Fashion Island A well-known and leading shopping mall in Ram-in-thra area. However, previously, this mall was just like any others that had poor design and accessibility on priority parking. They didn’t comply the regulations on how priority parking should be nicely provided. Service quality that needed improvement. It occurred just around this time a year ago. So we rushed to give them some pieces of advice and tried to engage in practical processes. Surprisingly, within a month, everything was wholly transformed to the better. The speed they changed was impressively fast.

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Priority Parking Problem, parking on the reserve space can’t let it goes more

Yesterday I went to the Promenade store. Then posted the photo of a car parked across the entry space Security clarified the information just as I have posted. Regarding to When I parked my car in the parking lot the 1st floor all disabled parking were full I made my way around the second floor, there was one spot on the left According to photo

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