A footpath problem at the opposite Wat Phta Sri Mahathat. To build a great city for all, we first must begin with a small simple step.

I already posted the problem at this area on my previous post and asked for your opinions. Now, I would like to give a piece of my thoughts. 1. The footpath is so inclined, too inclined even for normal pedestrian to walk. 2. The electric pole is placed at the centre of the footpath, seriously? 3. The footpath is too narrow with other obstacles.

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“Hold on .. THIS IS WHAT!!” (Footpath survey)

The motorcycle runs on the footpath is the one of our city problem that we see everyday. The problem effecting to either our safety as well as our city outlook. The law has already clear defined but the responsibility and the rule administration are low. I went out to do the survey on the footpath at Soi A-soke(Su-khum-vit 21), it is the business center of Bangkok.

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