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T4A in co-operation with the PWDs associations is suing the Bangkok City Hall for 1,436 ML THB for failed to complete the installation of elevators and accessible facilities at the BTS.

9 May 2018 A group of PWDs activist, Transportation For All (T4A), is gathering with other groups of PWDs networks to proceed prosecuting Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) for failure to completely install all BTS elevators and infrastructure. This inability to comply is against the order from the Supreme Court which had issued the mandate previously. The group also claimed that the incidence has terribly costed the estimated damage of 1,436 million Baht.

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Congratulation to School of Communications Art students, Rang-sit University, who successfully held a seminar on a topic of ‘When Bangkok Metro Train is opportunity. How could we make it accessible for everyone?’

It all began when the students contacted me via this FB Page and asked some information and insight for conducting their university project, assigned by their lecturer. Fortunately, the lecturer was already part of our Transportations for All (T4A) community. When we got to know what was going on, the coordination went beyond smoothly. Personally, I always give priority for educational purpose. When some educational institutions contacted me to give a talk to their students, I would accept it most of the time. Anyway, before I jump into it, I would screen whether the students showed their motivation for learning, …

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“Two out of five” for Bangkok metro train Martin said…

While we were having an interview. Martin asked me for help how could he goes up to A-soke BTS station. ‘A lot problem…’, he was telling us. Well yes, just like what we’re talking for long. I asked Martin, ‘out of five’ / how happy he is for using the Bangkok metro train system.

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