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BESTRONG, I’ve reached the Marathon range!!

ภาพ จากด้านหลัง ซาบะกำลังเข็นรถออกกำลังกาย เข้าโค้ง ภาพย้อนแสงตะวันกำลังตก โทนออกแดงๆ มีตัวหนังสือ score ระยะวิ่ง(เข็นรถ) แสดง

It has been almost two years since I started running for exercise. I was slowly but consistently climbing up the distance from just a few hundred meters, to 21 kilometers for 17 consecutive sets. I’ve realised quite for a while that I could still keep going on. I balanced everything; food, sleep, and available time. I decided to go to King Rama9 Park due to its longer running track and a bit late closing time.

To go to Marathon, it requires both of your physical and mental ability. You have to know and accept your limits. You need to practice a lot so that your body get used to it and it’ll begin gradually improving. Your running plan also needs to be systematic with great discipline. While you’re running, be fully conscious and listen to your body. All of these reminds will help you achieve your goal.

During the past two years, there is a huge transformation on me. I’m now a totally different person. I feel young, energetic, and so fresh. My body recover faster than before. Only deed would lead you to understand what I’m trying to say. It’s so brilliant.

My accumulated distance would soon reach 1,000 kilometers.

16 Dec 2018
Bangkok, Thailand.

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