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Behind-the-Scene with Nina – Supergirl

We have intensely moved on the right way, since before the beginning of this year, under a project, SabaMedia. During the past two months, we have worked so hard and gained valuable experiences, though with limitations. We are ambitious to keep the channel in constant improvement with our best effort. To go for outdoor live streaming, I wish the quality of the content produced would be as grand as in Saba Studio. This is my standard I set it so high which unfortunately forced me to bring nearly all my stuff accompanying every time I went for fieldwork, just a few left at home lol. And this time we were going to have a wonderful opportunity to interview with N’Nina in Pattaya. Officially, it’s going to be our first time to bring all technical equipment fully prepared for this live streaming. It was uneasy, though we had so much fun. 
We had 3 missions to do on the day. Leaving Bangkok at 11 a.m., but her queue was at 9 p.m. with 1-hour interval. After finished, we returned Bangkok around midnight, had some late dinner, reassembled all our beloved stuff, and tested to make sure they’re ready for further use forcing me to sleep at 6 a.m. the day after.

Anyway, it was so much fun and truly challenging. Every time, we would gather altogether to analyze works we just had done and came up with both successful things and things we should improve. We put our best creative efforts on this project and hoped it would become like a public media, with barrier-free, that everybody can count on and able to share his or her opinions. I wish the project ensures that everyone’s voice is heard.

I was mainly responsible for front-stage. For backstage, it was “M”, a great young man who did really anything (seriously!), ranging from dish washer, customer service, technical preparation, photographer, or even garbage clearer. M willingly has been doing these great things for 3 years with a slight compensation of food and travel expenses!!!. No additional compensations were ever demanded from this great man.

Once again, I firmly remind all of you guys that what we are doing here is not specifically only for people with disabilities, it is universally for everyone! Sooner or later, it is likely inevitably for all of us to welcome all of these things in our life.

It might look miserable at the surface for what we are trying to say to the public. But it is a cold fact, we must brave to confront, occurring at this moment in our society and someone is greatly suffering from it. It reflects the hidden voices calling for opportunities and equality, as we all should have. It is a problem waiting to be dissolved.

To make it an urgent priority, and frankly, what we are lacking as well as seeking for is EVERYONE OF YOUR SUPPORTS. The supports could vary from online engagement, like and share, through financial support which is fundamentally necessary for us to be able to run this project in long-term with the highest efficiency.

In this episode of “Nina Supergirl,” several times of technical problems occurred. However, we embraced and perceived this kind of problem as a learning process, which would make us get better. We would do a special cut and share with you guys soon.

Under a community of AccessibityIsFreedom, I got so many helpful people who would rush to give us their hands when they got chance. N’ Nina was one of them who exemplified strong social contribution. She and her family often came to engage us in many ways which are so importantly constructive.

I ask for you guys please think about yourself how fabulous you are to be able to contribute to the society you are living and come support us.
We all start at the beginning and walk forward together for common goal.
Altogether, we can transform Thailand for the better!

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