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Because we have nothing difference: Race for Equality

Friends of mine always asked why you put so much efforts in practicing and exercising?
Today I’d like to tell you something…

In the past, as my aged, my body began showing signs for many weakness. It’s gradually getting worse. I then realised that it would be an absolute nightmare if I didn’t do anything. This worry and fear contributed to a project I called “#BESTRONG

My avid followers would know precisely that I’d been practicing, running and exercising, at park quite often to transform myself, recovering to get back perfectly healthy. This was a notion I usually told to people around me that a healthy guy is the one healthy in both mentally and physically. Once you’re strong enough, you can move on to help other people. This is a simple, yet powerful, mindset everyone can adapt. Just look at me, I myself is a living proof.
So far, the total distance from my practice is about 2,346 kilometers, and still counting on.
The result? From the weak turns to the strong. I think I’m now at the peak all my whole life. This is my first goal.

My second goal I usually where a ‘BESTRONG t-shirt’ because I want to build inspiration for passing people. I believe people who I met or just passed could sense this inspiration. I hope it could encourage them to exercise and finally have a healthy life.

From now on, heading to the 4th year of life exercise, I set my goal as well as challenge my self to participate in marathon competition. It’s the beginning of marathon season where it’s within my reach. Most importantly, as I’m the right and equality activist, my most intention on any running races is to use the simplest equipment that I use in daily live, nothing special at all. Among the competition, I focus on competing with everyone and with no special request at all!.
This is to clarify that we’re all #EQUAL, of course our physical may difference but it is common, having an opportunity to participate in running race, and to enjoy the competition with everyone is something superbly wonderful. And this is, as you may guess, it is my 3th goal indeed.

Because we have nothing difference, see you on the next race having fun together!!!

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