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An Open Letter: Requesting Samyan Mitrtown to dismiss its stairlift

20 September 2019


Subject: Requesting to dismiss the stairlift, and asking to conduct a field survey regarding accessible facilities

Dear Samyan Mitrtown’s Management Team

Since its grand opening today, I have acknowledged the application of stairlift at the underground passage which connects between the mall and MRT Samyan station. First of all, I would like to express my appreciation for your attempt to provide accessible facilities for people with disabilities. However, the stairlift device is, in fact, inappropriate and fatally dangerous in many ways. Thus, I would like to request as the followings:

  1. Requesting to dismiss the use of stairlift immediately
    This device in itself holds a fair chance of fatal danger, in case of accidence, which it’s not worthy to put it into practice. The supportive explanations, in details, of the argument can be further reviewed at http:xx
  2. Asking to conduct a field survey regarding overall accessible infrastructure at Samyan Mitrtown.
    It would also be more effective to receive completely relevant information once the field survey is conducting.
  3. Proposing to meet with the mall’s Management Team for mutual solutions.

I believe that we all want our society to move forward for the better. Equality of access can serve as a gateway for a one to enrich their lives. Thai laws already state that the provision of infrastructure must be functional and accessible to all with ease, safety, and equality.


Best regards,

Manit Saba Intharapim
A Rights and Equality Activist
Accessibility Is Freedom

Contact: 082-3355-031
Email: [email protected]


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