An only 9 Baht, you could help saving a little bird life

***The Donation Closed***

I found this a little bird fall? on the ground while I was working out in the morning. I decided to bring him back to my room to check up what was wrong with him, and surprisingly I’ve found that he is in a serious condition.

So, I brought him to hospital immediately, the Premier Pet Hospital close to my place. Doctor said that he is in a chronic condition but Doctor will help her as best as they can. And I’ve told that the hospital itself has a service program for stray animal.
At first they told me that I have to pay 3,000 Baht, but finally they gave me 50% discount for the medical treatment sharing. They are very kind, thank you.!!

This world won’t be perfect, if we are not helping each other. I would like to ask you guys to help this little bird by donating 9 Baht, but if it is not fulfil your good deed then you can donate more (99 or 99.99 Bath). Btw, please end up with ‘9’ because it is a lucky number.

If there is some donation left, it will be in the Accessibility Is Freedom fund and will be use for social movement. As always all transactions will be reported and you all can get access at anytime.

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