[Accessibility Survey] MRT Bang Pho Station

ภาพ ผังสถานี MRT บางโพ

5 Nov 2020.

MRT Bang Pho station stands astride the Bang Pho intersection with one side (No. 1 and 2 on the map) connecting to closed streets lined with condominiums and access to Bang Pho pier (No. 5) and the other side (No. 3 and 4) right above the Bang Pho intersection.
During the construction we saw the layout and lift locations and had concerns over the issue of their accessibility. Now the station is open, here are our findings on accessibility:

1. Lifts
Lifts are convenient to use and are therefore accessible to wheelchair users due to both the size and the lift buttons, locates at standard height.

2. Lift Locations
As you can see from the layout, there are two lifts at entrance/exit (No.1) and (2), each providing access to and from a closed street linking to condominiums and one particularly to Bang Pho pier (No.5). Entrance/exit (No.3) and (4), each at one corner of the Bang Pho intersection, **ARE NOT** equipped with lifts however. This means it is not safe and convenient for people with mobility challenges to access the train service and also to connect to the pier from these two points. The only option to them is to cross the road – taking the risk of crossing the intersection and continuing on the street to where the lifts are located.

3. Footpath around station
There is no information on the exact area being expropriated for the construction of the whole site but it seems the footpath around the station has not received careful consideration from an accessibility perspective.

The footpath in the area surrounding the station is marginally sufficient. The path between (No.1) and the intersection, however, is in a very poor condition. There are many uneven and dangerous spots.

4. Connection to the pier
Wheelchairs have to go on the street as the pavement is unusable. Luckily this is a closed and short street and there is very little traffic. Care is needed all the time however.









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