Accessibility Is Freedom met and hand-in a letter to the top management Mega Bangna Shopping Mall (Priority Parking Spots Stealing Problem)


Since Accessibility Is Freedom started doing the disabled parking campaign.
Mega Bangna shopping mall was the one who has been renovated parking spaces quiet well.

But for about one year of watching, the issue “non-disabled people” steal parking spots is not diminished.
Often times I go to the mall, it’s found that none of disabled person parked in the disabled parking spots.
The security staffs also can’t take the control good enough.

As Accessibility Is Freedom having rolling on the disabled parking problems throughout.
Today, finally I have the opportunity to speak to Customer Service Manager and Senior Safety & Security Manager.
And also hand-in a letter to the top management, to achieve the better service improvements.

According to the content of the letter,
the Senior Safety & Security Manager gave us the Information statement as follows:

1) The number one handicapped parking space.
Mega Bangna is having totally 8,000 Parking slots.
Have prepared the disabled parking spots according to the law which is is 80 units.
On both outside and inside of the building, close to the entrance.

2) The Disabled Parking Space Service
Truly agreed and understand for the difficulty and they’re planing to do the zoning, believes that there should be better.

In other suggestion they will get it fix.


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