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a very kind grandma

I lived in Japan for 5 days and most of time I choose to travel by foot and city train.
We intended to live as ordinary Japanese people, to learn about Japan cultures.
So then, we saw a lot of stories happened around us.

We met this very kind grandma, I was stepping in to use an elevator to go down to the subway.
She arrived before us and we wait for the queues as usual.

But once she saw me, she waved her hand and she let me go in first.
I respected for the rights of queuing, I waved my hand told her to go in.
She smile at me and wave her hand to me again.

When we got out of, she let us out before as well, then I met here again at a crosswalk crossing.

She is old but still looks very healthy. She still strong and walk anywhere, waits for the green light to cross the road quietly.
I saw this usual all Japanese do, what I have felt and saw she was proud and happy to help us.
Before leaving, I bow to thank her many times.

It was my first touched and felt the culture of the Japanese.
Five days might not much, but I learn a lot, I feel that all these things are in their blood.
No traffic jam and very good air in the capital city, people just walk across street, the cars stop by the order.
People just respect to each other.

Get back to our home, we need to make it better, priority & respect, having a good mind, feel happy to help to any other.
Please join me, we need to grow up good Thais and push up helping our country become better and better.

I still thinking about a very kind grandma.

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