A seemingly last optional alternative like the overpass is still wheelchair-friendly

The overpass, an innovation for pedestrians to safely cross a street. It’s considered safe and convenient yet highly inaccessible for some if built unintelligently like many footbridges in Thailand where wheelchair users are completely unable to use it.

For developed countries, that might have passed the primitive state of trial and error, they recognise the limitations of the overpass and try to minimize its usage if possible.

Last year, I visited Japan to see some of its fantastic infrastructure, including the overpass. Believe it or not, the entire 15-day time that I was touring around central Japan, any flaws in accessibility could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Amazing Japan.

On the image, it took place under an elevated expressway around my hotel in Osaka. It might not look perfectly good and beautiful, but it remained accessible which was the most important thing.

[A bit too steep but remains usable.]
[A few rare footbridges in downtown Osaka.]

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