A good quality of life comes from the people in a society.

During Sunday afternoon at Mega Bang-na, a huge department store near my home.
I often visit here to have a walk and explore some interesting things.
At this time, there was so crowded with people. What I had seen was very impressive and touched my heart.
There were many diverse groups of families having a tour here on wheelchairs.
Some had grandma accompanying by her lovely granddaughter.
The grandma seemed to be very enjoying having a fresh look at surroundings and having a good time with her loved one.
Some needed a stick to step ahead. Some rode a baby stroller around, there is no such thing in this world cuter than a baby sleeping.
These radiant families time made me so deeply happy.

Disabled parking was almost full. I had a survey only one zone.
Luckily, I got one very easy, saved my time a lot.

I didn’t see normal people illegally took a disabled parking, but just personally believed that there might be some.
I didn’t wait for check. However, it’s just a natural truth that where there is white, there is black.
Where there is good, there is bad. It’s just natural and I didn’t worry about that.

This problem would be solved as far as we take it into account.
If we understand what is right or wrong and do only the right thing, this kind of problem wouldn’t be occurred.
It’s also much better if we bring ourselves into participation to help praising for good one, boosting a campaign, reminding others, or complaining who do wrong. Importantly, sharing it out also can build awareness to the mass to transform their mindsets into the right direction.

Mage Bang-na is a leading department store that is very responsive to the feedbacks, especially accessible facilities, from its customers very quickly and impressively. They always improve themselves and are pursuing for the better.

“Happiness is equality” can be achieved if you help each others, caring society is the way to go.

With Love
– – –

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