‘Thailand Common Restroom Standard’ Basic facilities must be at the highest standard and we can’t bear with it.

ภาพ ห้องน้ำ มีการกำหนดจุดบอด

I got this photo from my friend who helps push the development of Thailand accessible facilities and he said that this restroom is “Perfect”. And I knew that as we’re all seeing the accessible restroom common standard as on picture shows, he meant to make a joke.

After I saw the photo, I quickly responded his msg that “It’s not good enough”. So, I have to marked up the blind spots, all comments are from definitely from Thailand accessible law, also from my experiences:1. A Tissue holder is may be set too high.
2. An emergency button is too high and must be in more than one place, think about others who are less self-supporting, pass out. Imagine someone falling on the floor, I think you understand what I’m trying to say.
3. A Handrail Law has clearly defined, on this side must be foldable (up & down). Handrail becomes a barrier for users to access to the toilet and sink.
4. Flushing Lever 99.99% of restroom in Thailand looks just like this, think of a person who already has a movement problem using the toilet and trying to use the flushing lever behind them.
5. Bum gun No matter other countries don’t use it, but we mostly do.

Well, if someone says “Saba, too many details, can you just tell us: What the restroom should be?”
I can clearly answer to you that “Just use a Japan restroom standard” –Done!

Law requirements are basic standards, we can promote better facilities than the law. We can make a higher standard and I assume that it is all all of us especially who work in this field not to bear and can’t negotiate with it. Because if we yield to these issues, at the end there will be someone who suffers or even have big trouble from the this low standard.

All of my restroom reviews are in this link: https://www.accessibilityisfreedom.org/en/category/accessible-facilities/accessible-restroom/

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